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What is Data Integration? By Lance Speck

In today’s data-rich environment, the ability to query a variety of data sources is critical in the corporate and scientific worlds. The increasingly prominent field of data integration is dedicated to combining information from different origins to provide users with a single, cohesive view of their data.

Data integration specialists utilize a variety of techniques, but several approaches have gained widespread adoption. Manual integration efforts help users access data independently for individual projects, while uniform data access involves the use of a single framework to recall data from disparate sources. Both of these approaches allow data to reside in its original location, while physical data integration involves copying all data to a single, new system, from which it can then be accessed and managed.

As quantities of data have grown exponentially in recent years, more and more companies and individuals are seeking novel solutions to merge databases and make existing data more user-friendly. Drawing on an ever-expanding set of techniques, data integration professionals can design specialized solutions targeted to any company’s needs.

Lance Speck serves as vice president and general manager of Pervasive Software Inc., where he is responsible for coordinating the development of data management and integration solutions for a broad range of clients.



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