Interview with Data Integration Expert Lance Speck

As the Vice President and General Manager of Pervasive Software, in Austin, Texas, Lance Speck understands software system integration from development to deployment. Today Mr. Speck discusses the pros and cons of cloud-based computing.

1. We have heard a lot about it, but what is the cloud exactly?
Given the rate of adoption and innovation within the realm of cloud-based applications, it is no surprise that there exists some debate about the precise definition of the cloud. I think, though, it is safe to say that the cloud is a personalized part of the Internet where a user has everywhere access to his or her data.

2. What are the major benefits of cloud-based systems?
Top on the list would be flexibility. Having access to one’s data from any location and on a growing variety of devices allows for a significant increase in productivity potential. Another major benefit is scalability. In essence, individuals and businesses using the cloud do not have the burden of traditional data infrastructure management.

3. It sounds almost too good to be true. Are there any significant disadvantages?
Sure, a cloud system is not necessarily for everyone, at least not at this point. I would say that the reduction in control might not suit all users. There is a level of trust and dependency required for using the cloud since, by design, it exists on someone else’s server.

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