A Brief History of the Jeep by Lance Speck

In 1941, with the advent of the United States’ participation in World War II, American automobile company Willys-Overland Motors won a Defense Department bid to produce the Jeep, a lightweight, four-wheel-drive utility vehicle based on a design developed by automotive manufacturer American Bantam.

Noted for its versatility and reliability, the vehicle quickly became a favorite with Allied troops. In 1945, Willys-Overland Motors went on to produce the first civilian Jeep, which established the Jeep brand throughout the international marketplace. Today, that brand functions as a division of Chrysler Group, LLC, which produces a number of full-featured, updated Jeep vehicles popularly used for off-roading and all-weather driving.


About the author: Lance Speck serves as the Vice President and General Manager of Pervasive Software, in Austin, Texas. In this role, Mr. Speck oversees software development, sales, and marketing teams providing customers with local and cloud-based data integration solutions. Additionally, Lance Speck is self-described Jeep enthusiast.

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